What Is the Best Automatic Dog Feeder for My Bulldog?

best dog products for bulldogs

You don’t have someone to take care of your pet while you’re not at home? Find here the best automatic pet feeders so you can take care of your Bulldog’s diet, keep scheduled meals through the day, and make sure your pet is fed when you’re not there to do it yourself!

Why is it important to have an automatic pet feeder?

  • Bulldogs are companion dogs and hate being left alone because they think you’ll leave them forever. Still, if you have an automatic pet feeder, they won’t be hungry, which will make them more independent and improve separation anxiety issues.

  • Bulldogs need to be properly fed at all times, even if you’re not there to feed them. When hangry, they could forget about their housebreaking and start breaking your house!

  • Not every automatic pet feeder is safe for Bulldogs! Mostly because of their materials. If they break it, many issues are possible.

Get here the best automatic pet feeder you can buy, keep your Bulldog’s appetite satisfied while you’re away, and don’t ever miss a meal again. Also, pick one that will outlast the most impatient Bulldog foodie. Let’s get started!

Important: You’ll need many other items to keep your Bulldog safe and comfortable at home while you’re away. Check out our selection of the best toys for boredom and separation anxiety.

Also, get the best treats and food for puppies, adults, and senior Bulldogs.

Comparison Table: Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Bulldogs

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PetNet SmartFeeder. Full Review

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There’s simply no match against PetNet’s Smart Pet Feeder since it offers pure Bulldog-friendly gold that most owners absolutely love!

Check out its advantages:

  • It connects to Wi-Fi.
  • You can control it using your phone with its free app!
  • You can set up a customized amount to feed your Bulldog according to his activity level – Just, wow!
  • It works with virtual assistants like Alexa!
  • You’ll also be provided with vital information via an app, like how much food is left, and pictures of your Bulldog eating. That’s amazing!

Its most vital security feature is a built-in battery, which lasts about two days after fully recharged. That way you’ll know everything is ok in case of a blackout.

The company is also very responsive if something goes wrong with the product. There are no downsides to this product. It worked perfectly for us and we love it since day one!


  • Perfect, convenient, and safest design for an automatic pet feeder.
  • It has a strong built, great materials, it’s easily customizable, and to set up.
  • The app works incredibly well and its overall price is highly competitive.


  • No downsides!

What you should know before buying this product:

  • This brand has had some issues in the past with the first generation of the product. However, we can ensure you that they have corrected all of these problems so they’re not a part of the second generation.
  • If you have any trouble with the feeder, you’ll get tons of help from the company!
No products found.

Bottom Line:

The Perfect Automatic Pet Feeder! We fell in love with this product. We found it highly practical, easy to use, it has the perfect design and the most reassuring safety features. Also, it’s highly durable, even for heavy-hitters like Bulldogs.

The feeling that you get when you’re away and you know your pet is eating his meals because you’re watching him in a pic is just amazing. Highly recommended!

Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder by PetSafe Healthy Pet. Full Review

Automatic Dog And Cat Feeder By PetSafe Healthy Pet
  • SCHEDULE YOUR PET'S MEALS: Conveniently schedule up to 12 meals per day for your cat or dog; best for cats and small to medium sized dogs
  • FLEXIBLE PORTIONS: Schedule 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal depending on your pet’s unique needs; requires 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (not included) or power adaptor (adaptor sold separately)
  • WORKS WITH MOST KIBBLE: Feeder works with dry and semi-moist pet kibble that is up to 3/4 inch in diameter

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This product from PetSafe has many good things to offer.

This one pet feeder is the best for busy owners that, even if they’re at home, can forget about feeding their Bulldogs on time.

You can program this feeder to serve up to 12 meals a day, with the same convenient function of slow-feeding your Bulldog. It also can run on batteries if the electricity goes off.

We like this product and highly recommend it for those owners who go to work or lead a busy life. Picking this automatic feeder is a safe bet!

Still, it does have some downsides. First of all, compared to the other feeders above, this one is more of an analogical design. Also, it’s not so easy to set it up, but you’ll get a hang of it with practice. It’s a very reliable option though.


  • Simple design. What you see is what you get and it works.
  • Sturdy, reliable, durable, and it holds up to 5kg of kibble!


  • Its price isn’t as competitive as it should be.
  • Its functionality is limited compared to the others on the list.

What you should know before buying this product:

  • What you need to know about this product is that it works exactly as it is supposed to. It offers just the right advantages without the fancy add-ons.
  • We think it’s perfect for those owners that just don’t have the time to feed their dogs and want to keep it simple.
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Bottom Line:

Good Option! We found that this product offers good functionality and a highly reliable mechanism that you can trust. We love its design just because it works, it’s sturdy and durable, plus it’s Bulldog-friendly.

It does have limited functionality. No pics, no apps, no Wi-Fi; just a great automatic feeder with a timer. At least, you can be sure it won’t fail if an app breaks and stops working! Highly recommended!

HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder. Full Review

HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder
  • 【Customize Meal Size & Time】HoneyGuaridan automatic pet feeder can dispense portions from 1 to 80 portions of 0.28 oz (about 1/16 cup) each per meal for 1 portion. Food storage capacity is 13 cups...
  • 【Structure Design, Easy to Clean and Low Food Alarm】Removable food container and stainless steel food bowl structure to be easily washed5. The pet feeder has a built-in low-food-alarm: When the...
  • 【Premium Customizable Message Speaker】This automatic pet food dispenser has a built-in voice recorder and a speaker to call your pets to their meal with a 10-seconds-long message. You can also...

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Now, this one actually surprised us. For a budget pick, this one makes us want to pay even more because it seems like we’re robbing someone.

HoneyGuaridan’s model comes with good characteristics that would please any Bulldog owner. It’s dishwasher-safe, you can set up at least 6 meals per day, and it holds up to 3kg (at least 2.5kg of dog food in our experience). It runs on batteries in case of power cuts and it doesn’t miss a meal. A quality we loved about this one is that you can record your voice calling your Bulldog to eat! And we loved its price, too.

However, it comes with some downsides. It’s not that easy to set it up. Also, it holds less food than it’s actually advertised. And finally, the portion control on this design is not the best. Still, it’s the cheapest good-enough option.


  • Simple design, durable, and puppy proof.
  • It comes with the right safety features and has warnings when food is running low.
  • Its price is unmatchable.


  • The portion control is not so accurate. It might not be the best for overweight Bulldogs.

What you should know before buying this product:

  • This product is a very sound option for those owners that are never gone for too long. If you’re planning to leave your Bulldog at home for less than three days each time, this is the one you need.
  • It does not hold as much as it says it does or at least not with dog food!
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Bottom Line:

Good Budget Pick! This product is simply a good budget pick. We don’t actually have something really bad to say about it, just that it isn’t the best.

However, it does meet our standards in safety features, in Bulldog friendliness, and does so at an amazing price. If you’re not gone for long, this is the one you need. Recommended!

best dog products for bulldogs

Best Sellers – Amazon USA

Bestseller No. 1
PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder, 6L Dog Food Dispenser with Timer Interactive Voice Recorder, Auto Dog Feeder with Desiccant Bag 1-4 Meals Dry Food, Black Transparent
  • Scheduled Automatic Feeding-Worried that no one takes care of your pet when you are out on business? PETLIBRO 6L automatic dog feeder inbuilt LCD screen allows for quick setup and carry out feeding...
  • Custom Recording-Stay connected with your pet by recording your 10s voice into the automatic dog food dispenser, thus plays while the food is dispensed, enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping him...
  • No Food Clogging-Through exhaustive research, we have conclud that there are always food blocking at the food outlet so your dog offten suffers from starvation. The dog food dispenser adopts a more...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Smart Automatic Cat Feeder - 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog Feeder - Desiccant Bag Keeps Dry Food Fresh-Voice Recorder
  • RELIABLE FEEDING - The automatic pet feeder will ensure your pet is fed at the designated time even when you're working overtime, vacationing, sleeping, or otherwise occupied. Holds 6L of pet food - 6...
  • HEALTH and HYGIENE - The auto cat feeder dispenses a preset amount of cat food every meal, ensuring your cat eats balanced meals and doesn’t overeat. Kibble stays fresh and crisp in the enclosed...
  • SIMPLE SETUP - Simple-to-operate LCD screen and detailed instructions ensure you can effortlessly set up a timed cat feeder to meet your specific needs. Record a message of up to 10 seconds to call...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Olelica Automatic Cat Food Dispenser,Automatic Dog Feeder 5L Programmable Control 1-6 Meals Per Day,Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs,10s Voice Recorder & Dual Power Supply
  • Precision Feeding Schedule: Simplify your life with the Olelica automatic cat feeder. This automatic cat food dispenser allows you to schedule 1-6 meals per day, with up to 8 portions per meal (10g...
  • Optimal Food Capacity: Boasting a 5L/21 cup capacity, this automatic pet feeder consistently and smoothly provides food for your cat or small dog for several days. The anti-clog design eliminates...
  • Secure Twist-Lock Storage: Equipped with an innovative twist-lock lid, the automatic dog feeder secures the perfect amount of food (dry kibbles sized 0.07-0.47in / 2-12mm in diameter). This feature...
SaleBestseller No. 4
NKECOBJI Gravity Pet Feeder and Water Dispenser Set, Automatic Dog Feeder and Dog Water Dispenser for Dogs Cats Pets Animals Large Capacity(3.8L)
  • 【Pet Feeder and Water Dispenser】 1* Feeder and 1*Cat water dispenser, which is suitable for small and medium-sized pets or cats to eat or drink daily
  • 【3.8L Large capacity】Feeder or water dispenser, has a large capacity of 3.8L(including the base). The small pet can be used for about 7 days, and the large pet can be used for about 3 days. This...
  • 【Gravity automatic feeding without electricity】The gravity feeder has the design of gravity feeding. When the pet uses up the feed or water in the base, the feed or water in the bucket will...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Automatic Cat Feeder, WiFi Pet Feeder for cat/Dog Compatible with Alexa & Echo, 15 Cup Timed Cat Food Dispenser for Remote Feeding, up to 10 Meals Per Day with APP Control
  • 【Remote APP Control】 : When the automatic cat feeder is connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi, you can feed your pet anytime and anywhere via the "Smart Life" APP, no more worrying about your pet being...
  • 【Customized Healthy Diet】:Say no to your pet’s irregular healthy diet. Customize a healthy eating habit for your pet from now on. Easily set up and schedule feeding times based on your pet's...
  • 【Let Alexa Feed Your Pet】: Our auto cat feeder supports Echo devices with Alexa, with a simple command, you can let your Amazon Echo devices feed your pet anywhere in your home. And you can...

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