Prevent health Problems following very EASY Steps!

Bulldog Vet's Care Guides

Bullies are big, look grumpy, and tough as a rock. But don’t be fooled by that! They’re just overgrown fur-balls that need just as much care as you can give them. Are you taking care of them correctly?

Learn how to do it easily following these EASY steps to increase your Bulldog’s longevity and prevent future problems.

Bulldogs Care Guides – By Dr. Jo

“Penny WISE and Pound FOOLISH!”

Robert Burton – 1621

Dr. Joanna De Klerk

Dr. Jo is a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. She was one of BBC's Young Vets and experienced in telemedicine services, interviews, and public speaking about dogs and cats. Author of Harper Collins' Tales from a Young Vet and Tales from a Wild Vet, and a series of books on different dog breeds. She currently has 2 dogs at home. This article is the result of her experience not only as a Vet but also as a dog Parent.

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How to take care of a Bulldog

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